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Saturday, July 11, 2020

We've heard about COVID-19-related breathing problems or fever, but doctors are warning about long-term recovery complications of COVID-19 patients, especially those under 50. read more

Richard Rose passed away on July 4 from complications of COVID-19, just a few days after he tested positive for the coronavirus. Now posts are going viral online that show him saying he didn't believe in wearing masks back in April. read more

Dr. [Lorna] Breen worked at NewYork-Presbyterian Allen Hospital in Upper Manhattan, where she supervised the emergency department. The unit had become a brutal battleground, with supplies depleting at a distressing rate and doctors and nurses falling ill. The waiting room was perpetually overcrowded. The sick were dying unnoticed. read more

Kimberly Wehle: In the immediate aftermath of Thursday's Supreme Court rulings on who has the right to access the president's financial records, numerous commentators cast the decisions as a "split" that gave prosecutors a clear win but thwarted Congress's ability to obtain Trump's financial records. But while Trump might have won a short-term political battle by effectively managing to keep his records hidden until after the November election, there should be no confusion about who won on Thursday. read more

Another record-setting day of Covid-19 cases across the US came with a spotlight on Florida, which publicly released its number of coronavirus patients currently in the hospital after weeks of pressure to do so. A total of 6,991 people are hospitalized because of the virus, the state's Agency for Health Care Administration said Friday. read more

WaPost Editorial Board: There are no doubt thousands of people in federal prison who deserved a presidential commutation more than Roger Stone. But after President Trump's intervention on Friday, Mr. Stone will serve none of his prison sentence. The president may have had the power to help his longtime friend. But that does not make it any less a perversion of justice -- indeed, it is one of the most nauseating instances of corrupt government favoritism the United States has ever seen. read more

The top writer for Fox News host Tucker Carlson has for years been using a pseudonym to post bigoted remarks on an online forum that is a hotbed for racist, sexist, and other offensive content, CNN Business learned this week. read more

President Donald Trump commuted the prison sentence of his longtime friend Roger Stone on Friday, after Stone was convicted of crimes that included lying to Congress in part, prosecutors said, to protect the President. read more

Russell Travers detailed his concerns to the intelligence community's watchdog. Days later he was fired. read more

Friday, July 10, 2020

Disney World is about to reopen amid a surge in COVID-19 cases in Florida, but an epidemiologist is warning that "basically everybody" shouldn't go. read more

President Donald Trump ordered the Treasury Department on Friday to review the tax-exempt status of colleges and universities, following his threats to cut federal funding to schools that do not reopen due to the coronavirus pandemic. read more

David Duke, the former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, endorsed President Donald Trump yesterday on Twitter and even tweeted a suggestion about a new running mate for the U.S. president: Tucker Carlson. read more

Brazil's public hospital doctors say they're being pressured into handing out hydroxychloroquine by both patients and colleagues, even as a debate rages over its efficacy and safety. read more

Hasbro, which owns the rights to Scrabble in North America, said Tuesday night the players association had "agreed to remove all slurs from their word list for Scrabble tournament play, which is managed solely by NASPA and available only to members." The game that Hasbro sells in retail stores has not included slurs in its dictionary since 1994. But the players association, one of the most prominent governing bodies in competitive Scrabble, had still allowed them. read more

The US never fixed the core causes of its testing problem. So it's now seeing the same kinds of issues pop up again. read more


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