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Tuesday, April 02, 2024

The Knesset approved on Monday evening the so-called Al Jazeera law, giving the government temporary powers to prevent foreign news networks from operating in Israel if they are deemed by the security services to be harming national security.



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Got to keep the Witnesses away from the Genocide.

No media coverage of the shootings and bombings in hospitals and at food Aid pick up points.

The media restrictions are typical when mass murders are ongoing.

They can't control the narrative. They will try.

Eventually, the US is either going to cut them off or become joined at the Hip in Lockstep with Ethnic Cleansing and Murders.

I see no middle ground.

Israeli behavior has made a middle ground on this Impossible.

My bet is Lockstep with Israel. They're bringing US credibility to new Lows.

For the Donors.

#1 | Posted by Effeteposer at 2024-04-02 01:13 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

Israel is committing slow moving suicide.

#2 | Posted by jpw at 2024-04-02 03:36 PM | Reply | Funny: 1

This just happened: Three vehicles, plainly marked on their roofs with World Central Kitchen left a warehouse and entered Gaza. IDF bombed one, watched as the next vehicle stopped, picked up survivors and then bombed it. The third vehicle stopped to pick up those survivors and they were then bombed. Seven people from a variety of nations - Poland, Australia, etc. They were on a route designated and coordinated by IDF. World Central Kitchen has stopped all operations in Gaza.

I'm curious if and when this will be reported on here in the US and by whom.

#3 | Posted by redlightrobot at 2024-04-02 05:23 PM | Reply

RED.. it has been reported. Google. It is also a damn shame too.

#4 | Posted by Brennnn at 2024-04-03 03:16 AM | Reply

Netanyahu isn't the first fascist to head an Israeli government, but he sure is a humdinger.

#5 | Posted by Doc_Sarvis at 2024-04-03 05:00 AM | Reply

Not Tyrannical AT ALL

#6 | Posted by e1g1 at 2024-04-03 10:53 AM | Reply

We let them be shot down during the Bushturd2's televised Iraq war fiasco. US snipers took an Al Jazeera reporter out when their news reports didn't reflect the b.s. narrative.

Sent... Ashleigh Banfield home to Canada when she didn't toe the line in Afghanistan.

#7 | Posted by RightisTrite at 2024-04-03 11:12 AM | Reply

To be honest Ive had mixed feelings and am not a blind cheerleader of any country and Israel is no different. Especially since I've come to understand that they tried to sink the our USS Liberty in June 1967 killing and wounding US sailors. Many involved and on board believe it was a false flag to start a ME war during 6 day war to involve the USA. I've wanted to understand and have read several books on it. That event was covered up by LBJ, Democrats and our government, and by both parties, and as always so do media interests. Some say they wanted to kill everyone on board. Additionally I do not support spending billions of our borrowed money on the defense of another country every year when average Americans are kept out as immigrants and citizens. I will add the Lavon Affair and potentially 9-11 and Iraq War too as other costly events to involve us in Middle East.

But I strongly oppose the Democrats claiming we need to import multinationals and Muslim Sharia Law into USA that only will divide and makes us hate each other worse. Most intellectual citizens should already know that a faction of political elites are always scheming behind the scenes to make us hate each other so they can profit, control, and gain power. Our citizens and country of all beliefs should be put first always, and should be without question.

#8 | Posted by Robson at 2024-04-03 11:29 AM | Reply | Funny: 1


#9 | Posted by Effeteposer at 2024-04-03 11:44 AM | Reply

To be honest Ive had mixed feelings and am not a blind cheerleader of any country and Israel is no different

Not sure I care about your "feelings". But it's obvious that you are not even a cheerleader if your own country. Apparently. Unless you are cheering for our failure. This is the MAGA way.

But you do appear to be blind. Blind to the truth. Blind to history. Even while you claim to read about it.

I bet somehow you were all for Trumpy's cozying up to and supporting Nutty Yahoo during the last administration. No matter how you twist it Democrats have had a rocky relationship with this guy for awhile. Even while we still provide unwavering support the Israeli people.


Our citizens and country of all beliefs should be put first always, and should be without question.


Extremism, fanatic xenophobia , nationalism and anticommunism are what gave us Nazi ideology, and later, the Holocaust and World War II.

Is that what you want? More war? Because that is what extreme nationalism and xenophobia got us last time it infected the world.

#10 | Posted by donnerboy at 2024-04-03 12:25 PM | Reply

As we all know not talking about something, provides a lasting solution.

#11 | Posted by fresno500 at 2024-04-03 12:32 PM | Reply

In any war the first casualty is always the truth.

#12 | Posted by donnerboy at 2024-04-03 01:11 PM | Reply

"In any war the first casualty is always the truth.

So true. Yet, sadly progressives that I normally stand with on any barricade or in a protest against injustice constantly use Hamass propaganda that claims only "women and babies are getting killed"in this war. "Open air prison!" Give me a break. Gaza went from 1.5 million people to almost 3 million in just a decade. How can that be if it is a prison and why are people having so many babies in a prison? All the prisons I know are awful places where the only sex that goes down is more than likely rape. People claim that the Jews in Israel cannot be held for the truth but for some reason modern liberals constantly posts so-called 'facts' coming Moslem terrorist group's statistics. I have yet to read an article that a single Hamass warrior has been killed. Why is this? It's called propaganda that's why. Do we also have to take the Taliban, ISIS and Al Queda's word as well?

#13 | Posted by Wildman62 at 2024-04-03 01:57 PM | Reply

Dude you're unhinged. Get a grip, Buckwheat.

Israel is using this Hamas attack as an excuse to finish a genocide they've been planning for decades.

If they can't kill them all, they will be expelled from Israel to die in the desert.

And the US will help them do it, every step of the way.

Don't worry,be happy. The Chosen will slaughter the Philistines just like the Old Testament says.

Good Times... You Sick ----.

#14 | Posted by Effeteposer at 2024-04-03 04:53 PM | Reply

#8 Robson. The GOP is instituting shari'a law already.
I've always said, the only difference between the Taliban and the talibaptists is one usually ignored messiah.

#15 | Posted by northguy3 at 2024-04-04 12:55 PM | Reply

#13 I've never heard anyone say only women and children are getting killed.
I have heard the lies about Hamas beheading babies, though.

#16 | Posted by northguy3 at 2024-04-04 12:57 PM | Reply

Dude you're unhinged. Get a grip, Buckwheat.

Do you even know what "unhinged" means?

Try reading your own posts, Spanky.

#17 | Posted by donnerboy at 2024-04-04 01:15 PM | Reply

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